The advantage goes to real food

Sustainability and satisfaction made convenient and profitable – value without compromise. The highest quality ingredients, sourced from a trusted network of growers – many local to our production facility – and processed for optimal taste and nutrition. Local Alternative is committed to providing the premier whole-food, plant-based center-of-plate opportunity for foodservice operations.

Taste and nutrition

Whole food flavor is simply the best. Consider the example of the legume. If you put a whole delicious bean into your food, you get all its flavor. But when you isolate protein, you compromise real food taste. Separate protein from fat and fiber, and only a fraction of the flavor remains. Rather than backfilling and reconstructing taste with sodium and powdered spices, we’re glad to bring all the flavor of whole foods, and only whole foods, plus optional healthy fats, to every one of our products.

Whole food ingredients contribute to the absorption of nutrients, and to the feeling of satisfaction that results from balanced nutrition. Whether it’s a complete protein, or fresh-squeezed lemon juice making the iron in our legumes bioavailable, our whole food ingredients deliver what fractionated food simply cannot. Your customers will remember the flavors, the smells, the mouthfeel, and the impression of being filled and nourished. These are the kind of sensory experiences that lead to healthy cravings – and repeat business.

Everyone can eat Real Vegetable Meat

What’s your confidence level in training your servers to handle patron concerns with allergens? You quite reasonably worry about potential liability. Choosing Local Alternative Foods products mean you can more confidently serve diners with sensitivities and allergies.

These meat substitutes are free of all:

  • Allergens (soy, wheat, dairy, peanut, tree-nut, eggs, fish, seafood)
  • Animal products
  • Protein isolates or any fractionated or adulterated ingredients
  • GMO ingredients
  • Chemical additives and chemical preservatives
  • Refined sugars or impure oils

Increase your market share by converting every opportunity into an entrée. Do it by giving customers who care about what they put in their bodies a real choice, something healthy and tasty. This is quality you’ll be proud to serve, with more profitability and consistency than even your own labor-intensive house-made meat substitutes.